A celebration that also brings nostalgia

A celebration that also brings nostalgia

Cinco de Mayo, especially for Mexican Americans living in the United States, is a special date to tell the world of their culture and traditions decorated with an atmosphere of joy and fun. It is also an occasion to remember their origins and share them with future generations.

Design #18, Ride Vocho is a vivid appeal to nostalgia and an icon that remains in the DNA of Mexicans who emigrated to the United States 20 or more years ago.

Famous for being the most used means of transportation in the magical metropolis of Mexico City in the 90s, the green Beetle Volkswagen taxi with a white roof, in addition to becoming a symbol of the city, became an identity of the Mexican in each piece that composes the car, which since the 1960s has made it part of Mexicans life and home, thanks to the most important Volkswagen assembly plant in Latin America, which, with Mexican hands, has given life to more than 12 million cars among the famous Combi, Jetta, and New Bettle.

A monochromatic design that portrays a vintage trend contributes to locating it temporarily and spatially in the brilliant era of the 90s, when both in photography, film, and television, the Vocho had great relevance. It is framed by clean lines that recall the vehicle registration tag and include symbols as a sign of that Mexican spirit of adventure.

A clear example that the classics never go out of style, the # 18 Ride Vocho design, returns this Cinco de Mayo 2020 to accelerate the route to the party and fun. See you there!

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