Despite the adversity, I’m still the King!

Despite the adversity, I’m still the King!

Many times life tests us in hard ways, where determination and perseverance are not enough to reach our objectives. Many times these tests put a weight on our shoulders that we weren’t ready to carry. Other times, the difficulties we must face lead us to reflect on whether to continue or let everything pass and start again.

In days like today, in which many things are uncertain and doubt surrounds us, it is important to understand that the only way to stay present is to keep moving, keep insisting. Continuing to fight despite adversity will guarantee us the strength to withstand any tough test.


Every day we hear stories about the difficult times that, particularly, Mexican restaurants are experiencing today due to an evil that we could not control, but, as someone who feels Mexican at heart, I have enough confidence to guarantee that, united, carrying the weight together on our shoulders and supporting each other, we will be victorious in this fight.

After hours of reflection, I didn’t imagine that the answer to face these exceptional days was always before us, in the inspiring force of a phrase that, as a child, I remember hearing my father roar.

Whether it was pure chance, or we were destined to meet with it when we most needed, this phrase was part of the first of our gallery of designs for the grand celebration of Cinco de Mayo 2020 since we began to develop ideas in mid-September 2019.


A brief and emphatic prose enlightened me in a moment of weakness and showed me that no matter what happens, there is no reason in the world not to continue resisting, and indeed, there is nothing that makes me more proud than saying “I did it!”.

That’s why I know that as much as you, I will give my best during these days, days that will go from dark to glorious. I will soon meet again with my friends, and will be able to tell them that I stayed here, reaching out and serving those who needed me, showing them that for many reasons, and despite adversity, I am still the King!

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